Sanogyl Bi Sensitive care teeth sensitive 75 ml toothpaste

SKU: 9607086 Sanogyl Bi Sensitive care teeth sensitive 75 ml

Overview : Sanogyl Care Sensitive Teeth is a toothpaste specially dedicated to people suffering from tooth sensitivity: pain on contact with cold or warm, acidic or sugary foods, or when brushing. in order to provide the best care on a daily basis and effectively combat the sensitivity dental Sanogyl Care sensitive teeth help to : -relieve tooth sensitivity and prevent the recurrence : thanks to the action of potassium Citrate which acts upon application directly there where is the pain. Thanks to the combined action of the hydroxyapatite calcium and fluorine that form a protective mineral coating on the tooth and promote the natural process of remineralisation. -strengthen the gums : chlorhexidine by its antibacterial action will eliminate the plaque located at the base of the gums.