Sanoflore wonderful day cream 50ml

day cream anti-wrinkle essential oils.
Manufacturer: Sanoflore
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SKU 7994682 Sanoflore wonderful day cream 50ml


Enriched with essential organic Pelargonium oil and essential oil of Melissa Officinalis bio, two assets as effective as Retinol and vitamin C, this anti-wrinkle cream makes the skin comfortable, softer and more flexible from the first application. It is hydrated for 24 hours. Day after day, wrinkles and fine lines fade: the skin is revitalized. It leaves on your skin a delicate perfume flower-powder, notes of citrus and iris of this rich cream that melts smoothly on the skin.

cream wonderful day operating tips:

apply in the morning and/or evening a DAB of this cream on the whole of the face and neck. most: water floral of Rose Bio Sanoflore is an excellent complement of the anti-aging spray before applying care.