Sanoflore water floral Lavender Fine Bio 200ml


SKU 5434335 Sanoflore water floral Lavender Fine Bio 200ml


Sanoflore took the best of nature to purify and balance your skin: water floral of lavender. Morning and evening, apply lotion or misting on the face, insisting on (chin, nose and forehead) T-zone. For this extract, pure and precious, we chose to distil the flowering tops of fine Lavender water steam one form of extraction which preserves its active properties and sensory richness. This process develops a rare and precious water extracted from the heart of the plant, rich of virtues purifantes without any addition of synthetic perfume and not diluted. floral water of lavender Fine is good to your skin, even sensitive.

operating tips:

is used in one or more spray on your face.