Sanoflore purity of Lin Deodorant ball Lot of 2 x 50ml


SKU 2658146 Sanoflore purity of Lin Deodorant ball lot 2x50ml


To meet your skin, Sanoflore laboratories have developed for sensitive skin deodorant ball purity of flax. This deodorant anti-fingerprint is effective for 24 hours. In addition, the drying is immediate. So, you can dress you just after use of the purity of Lin deodorant.

Enriched with origins components bio such as linseed oil and aloe vera gel, this deodorant moisturizes and soothes sensitive, dry and sensitive skins. In addition, its absorption is fast and penetrates so quickly your skin.

Its delicate scent leaves on the skin a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Tips for using Sanoflore purity de Lin:

Apply under the armpits clean and cleaned.