Sanoflore honey to the thousand virtues balm 40ml absolute

repairer honey baume, effect natural dressing.
Manufacturer: Sanoflore
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SKU 5172289 Sanoflore thousand virtues absolute balm 40 ml honey


A panacea: honey, real dressing millennial and natural, is always used for its regenerating exceptional. This bio honey baume is a daily beauty ally: offering a matte finish powder to your skin, it will immediately become the accomplice of your beauty, thanks its delicious, gourmet and feminine scent, the honey of lime and Orange notes on a bed of vanilla. finished nude & mat : The forehead to the Chin, gaze with a smile: thanks to its finish without gloss, it hides in secret the unsightly areas of the face (dryness, redness of the wings of the nose, of the inter-sourciliere zone) due to cold, wind or Sun. the guarantee of a perfect touch body: A superb designer scarf that scratch a little? A comfortable more seductive lingerie? Here is the ally that clears all brands of sensitive areas of the body and relieves the unpleasant sensations, immediately and until the evening. secret from the hands of Princess: what good afford a manicure if effects vanish within a few days? Extend the comfort, pleasure and beauty professional care in protecting your hands & nails the day after your manicure. And for all those who believe that it is never better served than by yourself, it softens cuticles and prepares the House manicure. Clears all damage at the hands of artistic activities or manual.

Tips for using honey to the thousand virtues:

locally apply to fragile areas of the face and the body. is not suitable for children under 3 years.