Sanoflore floral water Rose old Bio 200ml

true rose water known for its astringent properties
Manufacturer: Sanoflore


SKU 5434341 Sanoflore floral water Rose old Bio 200ml


Organic Rose floral water was developed by laboratories Sanoflore. Bio product, Sanoflore floral water is delicately perfumed. This Rose floral water is derived from the distillation of organic Rose petals. It lightens the complexion to give all its natural radiance.

Rose floral water is used in face and body misting, or lotion after washing. The Rose has softening, moisturizing, toning properties and same regenerating known since antiquity. It is widely used in cosmetics, for its aromatic qualities or its softening properties on the skin. It enjoys a high quality of manufacture, legacy of knowledge make Sanoflore. She has all the qualities required to revive the vital energy of your skin. Features floral water labels Ecocert and Cosmebio, witnesses to the natural commitment Sanoflore.

operating tips:

Apply floral Rose Bio Sanoflore water misting or using a swab daily. You can also use it out of the bath to rub the body.