Sanoflore Elixir of Queens 30ml

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The Elixir of the Queens retains the youthfulness of the skin.
Manufacturer: Sanoflore
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SKU 5368041 Sanoflore Elixir of Queens 30 ml


Dishes unique and exclusive of the Queen of the bees from birth, the Royal Jelly is able to change that would have been a worker in sovereign applied on the skin, pure Royal Jelly stimulates cellular activity to allow the skin to be reborn perfect. deposited on the skin, the Elixir of Queens gives it the means to recover from fatigue and time effects , pushing the first signs of age. texture, resulting from three years of research and patented by laboratories Sanoflore, combines pure Royal Jelly to a record rate of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is known to allow the skin to retain its elasticity and its youth. Fresh and light, the Elixir slips over the skin for the light. fragrance is a light palette from exclusively available in formulating natural notes a drop for a smooth skin and a fresh complexion Twenty days for a new skin and luscious.

Tips for using Elixir of Queens:

apply the Elixir of Queens each morning, alone or under your daily care , and small keys before leaving to give a glow to your skin.


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D. Loretta
  the 25/06/2017
5/ 5
Wonderful for mature skin