Sanoflore delights 125ml oil

scented nourishing oil for the body and hair.
Manufacturer: Sanoflore
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SKU 9889280 Sanoflore oil of delights 125 ml


Sanoflore laboratories have combined in oil delights 100% natural to nourish, moisturize and substances sublimate the skin and hair.

indications oils of delights:

  • Of the oil of Euphrosine

It is rich in gamma linolenic acid which acts by protecting against free radicals and intensely moisturizing skin.

  • Of the organic oil of Olive

It also protects from free radicals and their accelerators effects of skin aging.

  • Precious essences

The oil essential of Cistus helps the regeneration and the essential oil of Melissa is antioxidant.

  • A scent full of Sun

The mixture of ylang ylang, neroli, Freesia, orange flower, sandalwood, Tonka bean and vanilla enveloope your skin and your hair with a delicious and sensual fragrance.

operating tips:

Spray on the body or hair.

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