Sanodiane hot water bottle fleece navy

hot water bottle with rubber and removable polar cover
Manufacturer: Sanodiane


SKU 9928330 Sanodiane hot water bottle fleece navy


hot water bottle water in natural rubber. Its removable polar cover surface you during the long winter evenings.

indications Sanodiane hot water bottle:

  • fill the bottle to the 2/3 with non-boiling water
  • hunt steam and check the tightness of the CAP by tilting the bottle before each use
  • give a child that once the bottle is in its cover
  • hot water bottles can cause burns, avoid too prolonged skin contact.
  • throw at the slightest sign of deterioration of the product
  • make dry the bottle head down after use
  • clean the drum with SOAP and water
  • the cover cold hand wash and allow to dry naturally, do not iron