Sanodiane hot water bottle classic rubber natural with cover fabric purple

A simple and effective way to warm up hot water bottle
Manufacturer: Sanodiane


SKU: 9928287 Sanodiane Bouillotte Classique Caoutchouc Naturel Avec Housse Tissu Violette


Accompanies moments of softness of the winter evenings. Protected in his house in fabric, it ensures a gentle diffusion of heat to the skin.

directions for use:

Fill the rubber at 2/3 hot water bottle with hot water of the roinet (do not use boiling water heated in a saucepan or in a kettle). Hunt water vapour by tilting the bottle before closing. Carefully screw the CAP and check for leaks before placing the bottle in its fabric cover and use it. Bouillotes that can cause burns, avoid direct contact with the skin. Do not use if allergic to the latex. Never warm the hot bottle in a microwave.


1 drum