Sanodiane hot water bottle classic rubber blue


SKU 7011975 Sanodiane Bouillotte Classique Caoutchouc Bleu


Accompanies moments of softness of the winter evenings. Protected in his house in fabric, it ensures a gentle diffusion of heat to the skin.

directions for use:

Fill the bottle to the 2/3 with water hot not boiling (7 minutes at least after boiling). Hunt water vapour by tilting the bottle before closing. Carefully screw the CAP checking the tightness. After use, empty the hot water bottle and allow to dry without CAP, upside down. The bottle simply cleans with SOAP and water. Do not heat the bottle in the microwave. When used by children, the adult supervision is recommended. Do not use if allergic to latex. Hot water bottles can cause burns, avoid direct contact with the skin.


1 drum