Salt 300 g


SKU 6148092 salt D 300 g


SEL D, hypochlor, is a pleasant condiment taste.

It is working in the kitchen as ordinary salt should replace entirely.
Its prolonged use avoids a serious error in the regular diet: abuse of pure sodium chloride
As many people are in the exclusive diet of SALT D.
larger than common salt.


SALT D brings to power a significant amount of phosphate.
SALT D decreases the proportion of sodium chloride in daily consumption
SALT D opposes a maladjusted appetite, cause first of overweight.

operating tips:

salt D is added to foods before, during or after cooking.
his job unnoticed and eliminates the need for a special kitchen.


anhydrous sodium iodide 0.02 g,
disodium sulphate anhydrous 35 g,
orthophosphate disodium 5 g,
purified sodium chloride 59.95 g.

precautions for use:

can only be used by persons subject to a diet medical sodium (salt).

Forbidden to subjects having or having edema, or ascites.


300 g.

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