SAFORELLE Liniment Oleo-limestone 450ml

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SKU: 5421232 Saforelle Liniment Oleo-limestone 450ml


Liniment Oleo-limestone Saforelle laboratories is ideal for the baby seat toilet. Its stabilized formula, fragrance and paraben offers a high skin tolerance. Composed of extra virgin olive oil, it cleans gently and limit irritation. It can be used as soon as the baby is born.

Liniment Oleo - limestone Saforelle operating tips:

for the Exchange or after the toilet, apply directly to the skin or with a cotton. Do not apply to the injured skin areas.



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D. Marjorie
  the 04/01/2017
5/ 5
Would recommend to ANY mom.Liniment oleo calcar is just SO good for nappies change, it leaves the skin so moistured without cream. It is natural product onlyI had to go back to using wipes for a few days between orders and baby was already starting to have some rash ;-(