SAFORELLE - Florgynal buffer probiotic 14 mini

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Periodic buffer freeing of probiotics to restore your vaginal flora

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SKU: 9674533 Saforelle - Florgynal buffer probiotic 14 mini

Naturally occurring Lactobacillus in the vagina are the main weapon of defense against infections vaginal. but sometimes these Lactobacilli are no longer present in sufficient quantity, resulting in an imbalance of flora manifested by vaginal itching, burning sensations, unpleasant odours... To avoid these vaginal disorders, it is suggested to bring thanks the probiotic Lactobacilli to rebalance the flora. Florgynal buffer probiotic is the only probiotic to local action through periodic buffer. More need for capsules, or probiotics ova, it is during your period without requiring you to think 2 benefits for the price of 1! Florgynal buffer probiotic brings you the effectiveness of probiotics while replacing the pads you buy. clinically proven effectiveness: reduction of vaginal discomfort: itching, irritation... Protection of the vagina against bacterial imbalances Restoration of the natural flora Enhancement of healing in addition to anti-infective treatment operating tips : Florgynal buffer probiotic is used as a usual periodic buffer at the time of the rules at the rate of at least 3 pads Florgynal per day for 3 month. Presentation: box 14 "mini" pads