SAFORELLE-cleansing care washing Ultra moisturising 100ml

SKU: 5383916 Saforelle care washing Ultra moisturising 100ml


the Saforelle Care Lavant Ultra moisturizer has been specially formulated for personal hygiene and body. Especially suitable for dry skin.

specially adapted for women with signs of drought intimate (taken from certain medications, hormonal changes such as menopause...). associated with cold cream agents, natural extracts of Aloe Vera are involved to better hydration, source of intimate comfort. the cleansing base, to the alkaline pH soft and natural extracts of burdock to softening, properties allows a daily sweetness. toilet

Indications of Saforelle care Lavant Ultra moisturizer:

EC care Lavant Ultra moisturizer is used as a gel washing liquid on skin or external mucous membranes. Lather, then rinse thoroughly with clear water formula without SOAP, paraben, phenoxyethanol. tested under medical supervision by gynecologists and dermatologists.