Ruth care solvent varnish classic perfume sweet almond 175ml

care dissolving scent sweet almond to feed the nails while eliminating varnish.

Manufacturer: Keraline

SKU: 3283335 Ruth care solvent varnish classic perfume 175ml sweet almond


Laboratory Ruth has specially designed for the beauty of the hands the care dissolving the sweet almond fragrance.

This solvent treatment provides a nutrition and intense coverage to the nails while eliminating the classical varnishes.

, Non-acetone and soft perfume sweet almond, this solvent treatment assaults not fingernails and does not irritate the skin of the contour of the nail.

Ruth care solvent operating tips:

Lift the CAP. Simply place a cotton absorbent on the hole and soak it with one or more pressure in order to obtain the amount of liquid required.


Without acetone.