RUBY towels Normal classics box 18


SKU: 7121764 RUBY towels Normal classics box 18

the classic Ruby

Protection periodic to hygiene feminine; very thin for normal and light flow; in unitized transportation


Rectangular, thin, soft, adhesive towel consisting of:

- one end absorbing mattress (compacted), made from cotton;

- a intraversable protective sheet on the external surface (side, slip);

- a sailing in non-woven, heat-sealed ends, enveloping the, for greater comfort (limit irritation);

-adhesive tape on the outside to fix the protection at the bottom of the slip.

Towel folded into 3 in an individual pouch that can serve as a sachet, service. Unfolded dimensions: length: 18 cm / width: 6 cm / thickness: 0.6 cm. Single use.