Ronfnyl Spray Nasal anti-snoring 10ml


SKU: 7308296 Ronfnyl Spray Nasal anti-snoring 10ml

DESCRIPTION: the real solution to snoring problems! hum. nasal Spray. Without oil. Efficient - Simple - Course - Physiological. Improves the quality of sleep, decrease daytime drowsiness and contributes to the improvement of family relations Tested clinically. Interest-operating tips Spray nasal anti-snoring. COMPOSITION Polysaccharides. natural Instructions apply RONFNYL the evening before this sunset, 1 spray in each nostril. the application may be renewed during the night if necessary. 6 weeks of use or 50 nights of sleep repairman. Caution none. No side effects. Fits infant. Our board: alcohol before taking sunset, a good meal contribute to snoring. packaging Spray nasal 10 ml.