Ronflor Spray 50ml-snoring

Active ingredient of immediate action and sustainable natural origin.

Manufacturer: Novodex

SKU: 5353737 Ronflor Spray 50 ml-snoring

Properties Ronflor Anti-snoring:

An exclusive formula: Ronflor deposited on the mucous membrane a thin gel composed of polysaccharides, facilitating the flow of air between the pharynx and throat and limiting the sound vibrations of the soft palate.

Immediate and sustainable action: by a unique process: the complex BIO - adhesive Ronflor enables good adhesion to the walls of the cavity and resist swallowing.

New: Ronflor contains an osmolarity regulator which, maintaining the physiological balance of your oral mucosa induces no salivary stimulation.

A perfect action: the Ronflor spray without propellant gas has been formulated for perfect safety.

operating Ronflor Anti snoring tips:

at bedtime, after hand washing, spray 3 times toward the back of the throat, wait for 20 seconds and swallow your saliva.

Do not eat, do not drink alcohol after application, otherwise repeat the application.

presentation Ronflor Anti-snoring:

Spray oral 50 ml