Ronflor lozenges Anti-Snore box 15

SKU: 2108894 Ronflor lozenges Anti-Snore box 15


Ronflor Anti-Snore lozenges are intended for both adults and children over 15 years. exclusive formula, Ronflor deposits on mucosal composed fine gel of xanthan gum and aloe vera, facilitating the flow of air between the pharynx and throat. Thus limiting the sound vibrations in the veil of the Palace. Ronflor to obtain immediate and sustainable action through a unique process: complex Bio-adhesive that ensures good adhesion to the walls of the cavity and can resist swallowing.

Lozenges allow a homogeneous diffusion of the assets at the level of the throat.

Ronflor Tablet operating tips:

It is advised to take a tablet daily, evening at bedtime, after brushing the teeth.

Lozenges suck, do not swallow or chew.