Roger & Gallet Bois d'Orange Scented Soap 100g

SKU: 6013222 Roger & Gallet wood Orange SOAP costs & 100 g Carton

Properties: find the magic of a journey to the heart of an Andalusian garden in the shade of the orange trees. let yourself be transported by the vibrant and sunny freshness of the leaf and the fruit, the sweetness of the flower and the scent soft and Woody iranger. preserves all the vital functions of the skin. Vibrant freshness in top notes: the shine and the liveliness of the essence of Tangerine. She met both suave and green Basil Verbena accents. Fruity sweetness in Middle notes: an original agreement on the theme of the orange. The strong personality of neroli, Orange bitter, that combines sweetness and subtle spicy bitterness. In counterpoint, orange blossom sweet bud, delicately fruity and greedy. Wake of sensuality in the background: the fragrance asserts its character, with the musky notes clear amber, depth rosewood and Atlas cedar. Concentration of 9%.