Roger & Gallet Cedrat SOAP costs box 3 x 100g


SKU 4583760 Roger & Gallet Cedrat SOAP cheap box 3 x 100 g

Properties: succumb to the delights of a garden of Italy, in the heart of the valleys of the mountainous calibrated, and plogez in a sparkling harmony of scents to delicious vivacity and intoxicating. preserves all the vital functions of the skin. to sunlight, a nectar species of citrus fruit and freshness of water (Citron, grapefruit, mint and fruit of water), then at the heart of this garden come the refined notes of aromatic beautiful (cardamom and Basil Quilted ozone agreement) and finally at the bottom of the Earth, a delicate Alchemy of agreements woodlands (Cedar, vetiver, musk and white amber). Concentration of 9%.