Rog Cavaills respondent care of toilet with antibacterial 500ml

care washroom intimate with anti-bacterial to protect and relieve your privacy on a daily basis.
Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès


SKU 9000381 Rog Cavaills care toilet intimate with antibacterial 500 ml


Ranjit Cavailles laboratory offers its hygiene with anti-bacterial care. This treatment is suitable for adults and children through its physiological pH.

Enriched natural anti-bacterial active and extract of thyme, this intimate care formula helps you in any situation to better protect yourself from intimate inconvenience. In addition, extra soft, this formula meets the balance of your privacy on a daily basis.

Thus, this treatment provides relief and comfort throughout your day privacy.

Ranjit Cavailles care toilet respondent operating tips:

Use the morning on intimate areas moistened then prelablements rinse.


Without SOAP, paraben and hypoallergenic.

Tested under gynaecological and paediatric control.

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