Rog Cavaills respondent care of toilet Mycolea 200ml

Helps to relieve itching and irritation - irritated mucosa

Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès

SKU: 9809217 Rog Cavaills respondent care of toilet Mycolea 200 ml

Many physiological or external factors may be the cause of itching or intimate irritation : taken antibiotic treatments, pool, wearing clothes tight... Mycolea is specially formulated for the daily hygiene of mucous membranes irritated. -slightly alkaline pH and its soothing agents (OAT extract, magnesium and calendula) help to effectively soothe irritations and itching. -its innovative protein complex helps to fight against the development of bacteria and yeasts. Its extra soft cleansing SOAP-free base respects the sensitivity of your mucous membranes for a daily toilet in any security. Mycolea comfortable and relieve itching and irritations. respondents Externally - alkaline pH - without soap - paraben - hypoallergenic - tolerance tested under gynaecological control.