Rog CASI Dermazero washer amount Extra Sweet Cream 300ml

SKU: 5184996 R oge CASI Dermazero cream extra washer soft 300 ml

Properties Dermazero cream cold cream washer:

Cream cleansing cold cream extra soft Dermazero cleans and softens your skin gently. Your skin is clean and nourished.

Its Dermazero formula repairs and intensely moisturizes the skin without irritating it. It provides only the essential to the skin. No dye, No paraben, or SOAP, no phenoxyethanol, your skin is protected. The skin barrier is also enhanced for maximum softness, durably.

Is ideal for dry, sensitive and delicate skins. You can use it for the face and body.

Tips for using Dermazero cream cold cream washer:

Apply daily on the face and body, showering.

Applied by massage and rinse.

conservation Dermazero cream cold cream washer:

Is good for 12 months after opening