Rog CASI Dermazero cream washer amount Extra Sweet 1 L


SKU 9000356 Rog CASI Dermazero cream cleansing sensitive skin 1 L


0% aggressive ingredient: 0% surfactant aggressive, dye 0%, 0% phthalate, 0% paraben, 0% phenoxyethanol, 0% SOAP, 0% alcohol, 0% silicone, make this cleansing cream gently cleanses and respects your skin. Its hypoallergenic formula offers a high tolerance dermal. tested clinically by dermatologists on sensitive skin, this cream extra soft washing respects and repairs your skin's protective hydolipidique film. It is therefore protected from dry skin or causing itching iriitations responsible for external aggressions. With this agents shower cream cold cream your skin comfort is preserved.

operating Dermazero cream sensitive skin cleansing tips:

This washer Ranjit Cavailles cream daily use on the face and body.