Rog CASI Dermazero cream cleansing baby 500ml


SKU 5185010 Ranjit Cavailles Dermazero cream cleansing baby 500 ml

Properties Dermazero cream cleansing baby:

Cold cream cleansing cream baby is specially adapted for sensitive and delicate baby skin.

Its Dermazero formula is ideal for babies because it contains neither colouring, Parabens, SOAP or phenoxyethanol and protects the skin. The skin barrier is reinforced and the skin softens sustainably. Cream that brings most to the skin without damaging it. Baby found a skin nourished and hydrated for the greatest pleasure of MOM. Its formula special baby's skin does not sting the eyes.

This cream restores softness, hydration and comfort to the delicate skin of toddlers.

operating Dermazero cleansing cream baby tips:

Exclusively for babies.

Apply daily a little massage, during the toilet of baby wash rinse.

Is used for both the hair and the body.

conservation Dermazero cream cleansing baby:

Is good for 12 months after opening.