ROC PRO-renovated anti-aging cream unifying - 50ml

Anti-aging cream that smoothes out wrinkles, helps prevent spots, improves skin tone and texture of the skin.

Manufacturer: Roc

SKU: 6110351 roc PRO-renovated anti-aging cream unifying rich 50ml

Roc, dermo-aesthetic laboratory presents its anti-aging cream unifying rich 50 ml format. This cream, assembled complete a method to regenerate your skin, smooth your wrinkles, improve your wishes and the texture of your skin.

This multi-functional cream is over 7 years of research of the laboratory ROC to develop a technology which takes place in the heart of the cells. Its texture is easily absorbed through your skin.

operating tips

Our pharmacists advise you use morning and evening this cream on your face and your neck.

This cream is very tolerant to different makeups.