ROC PRO-DEFINE fluid anti-slackening firming 40ml

Fluid to the powers firming, helps redraw your face and prevents the release of your skin
Manufacturer: Roc


SKU 6110353 ROC PRO-DEFINE fluid anti-slackening firming 40 ml

End of the Roc, the PRO-DEFINE fluid laboratories provides a double influence on your skin:

  • 1st action: it tightens your skin redefines the contours of your face. HPE technology contracts the cells of the epidermis for a measurable lifting effect every day
  • 2nd action: it prevents the release of your skin. Bugrane extract raises the production of elastin to help maintain sustainable your facelift.

Adds to its two actions, a combination formula enriched with anti-UVA and UVB RAYS to protect your skin from aging.

visible in a few days results

Sanareva pharmacists advise you to use the fluid PRO-DEFINE daily to achieve visible results in a few days:

a skin visibly more beautiful, firm and tautened, the oval of the face is redrawn and the latter found its sweetness.

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