ROC Pro-Define cream Anti-sloughing firming 50ml

Roc Pro-Define the cream anti-slackening firming.

Manufacturer: Roc

SKU: 6110354 ROC Pro-Define cream Anti-sloughing firming 50 ml


Roc Pro-Define is a anti-slackening cream firming that improves the firmness of the skin and helps to redefine the contours of the face to prevent sagging. thanks to its technology dual action, this light cream tightens skin. The extract of Bugrane raises the production of elastin to help maintain the lift permanently and the HPE contracted the cells of the epidermis for a measurable lift .

In addition, its combination formula, enriched with filters anti UVA/UVB, preserves the skin's aging. Its fluid and light texture quickly penetrates.

Thanks to daily use, your skin is visibly firmer and tautened. Your features seem to be redefined, the oval of the face is as redrawn. Your skin regains softness to the touch.

Tips for using Roc Pro-Define cream anti-slackening:

daily apply cream on the face and neck. It is ideal as a day care and can provide a very good basis for make-up.


This cream can be used alone or in addition to other care RoC for a personalized anti-aging program.

All skin types. Proven tolerance.