ROC Pro-Correct concentrated anti-wrinkle intensive 30ml regenerating

care anti-wrinkle regenerating that reduces wrinkles and wrinkles.

Manufacturer: Roc

SKU: 6111941 Pro-Correct roc concentrated anti-wrinkle intensive 30ml regenerating


We live today's longer and crossing the decades while remaining in good physical and mental health is possible, but must prepare.Aging, while inevitable, may indeed be slowed or accelerated depending on the mode of life of each. that is why dermatologists recommend the use of care regenerating.

Roc laboratories have therefore designed a concentrated anti-wrinkle care regenerating.This regenerating anti-wrinkle care will visibly reduce your lines and even the deepest wrinkles thanks to its high concentration of retinol.Its fluid and light texture quickly penetrates.

Roc concentrate anti-wrinkle regenerating operating tips:

A use daily in the morning or in the evening on the face or neck. Is a good makeup base.