ROC Pro-Correct anti-wrinkle fluid regenerating 40ml

A fluid regenerating anti-wrinkle which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Manufacturer: Roc

SKU: 6110352 roc Pro-Correct anti-wrinkle fluid regenerating 40ml


Moisturizing the skin, this effective anti-wrinkle fluid visibly corrects skin, even deep flaws. Retinol and related hyaluronic acid are very effective anti-aging. Indeed, the skin is unified and smooth.Its light and smooth texture penetrates quickly.

as early as the first week, wrinkles and fine lines are visibly corrected, skin texture is refined and the complexion glows . in 8 weeks, even the appearance of deep wrinkles is reduced.Day after day, your skin is smoother, more sweet, plumped and as regenerated. these results continue to improve with an application.

Roc fluid regenerating anti-wrinkle operating tips:

apply daily, morning or evening on face and neck. This fluid can be a very good basis for make-up and p had be used alone or in addition to other care RoC for a personalized anti-aging program.