Ricqls Capsules 2 in 1 breath fresh 60 capsules

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Capsules 2 in 1 to chew and swallow intense taste and freshness

Manufacturer: Ricqles

SKU: 4324998 Ricqls Capsules 2 in 1 breath fresh 60 capsules

Properties: capsules are formulated with essential oil of peppermint that intensely refreshes mouth and assure you a good breath. using advice: -chew or swallow 4 to 6 capsules per day -chew the capsule allows to find the immediate effect in the mouth. -swallow the capsule is particularly recommended at the time of the sunset. Precautions for use : -an excessive consumption may induce laxative effects -do not give to children under 12 years. -keep out of reach of children -do not use in pregnant women and nursing



Number of reviews : 13
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D. Florence
  the 21/12/2017
4/ 5
F. Gisele
  the 15/12/2017
5/ 5
A. Asmaa
  the 01/10/2017
4/ 5
Super satisfaite
B. Felix
  the 01/10/2017
4/ 5
Fort mais bien
S. Virginie
  the 02/01/2017
4/ 5
Acoutumance pour avoir tjrs haleine fraiche