Richelet strength of hair 30 capsules

Helps prevent the fall and stimulate new growth
Manufacturer: Merck Monot
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SKU 4731462 Richelet Force of hair 30 capsules

Properties: Richelet Anti-aging Hair is an innovative formula that combines the nutritional benefits of wheat germ, of cocoa, and squash seed oil It helps to prevent the fall and stimulates regrowth. It nourishes and maintains the beuate hair and nails. usage tips: 1 capsule per day with a glass of water preferably in the morning, during three months. This dietary supplement does not replace to a varied and balanced diet and a way of life healthy. This food supplement is not a drug. Do not exceed the recommended dose Composition: in addition to the germ of wheat, cocoa and pumpkin seed oil , richelet anti-aging hair contains :-vitamin B8 which help to reduce hair loss and stimulates their regrowth. -vitamin B3 that activates microcirculation at the level of the leather scalp. -cystine and my acid methionine amino sulphurous, constituent keratin playing an important role in the strength of the hair. -selenium , antioxidant properties, which is essential to the formation of the hair. -of the zync to the anti-free radical properties necessary for cellular protection.