Richelet Selenium Vision 30 capsules

For eye protection and the mechanisms of vision.
Manufacturer: Merck Monot


SKU 7619004 Richelet Selenium Vision 30 capsules


Richelet Anti-aging Vision is a dietary supplement intended for the protection of the eye and the mechanisms of vision.

due to its comprehensive and specific formula, Richelet Anti-aging Vision has an interest in particular in the following situations:

  • precision work, work extended on screen / computer,
  • prolonged exposure to solar, radiation
  • repeated, night driving
  • physiological aging.

A complete and specific formula

Richelet anti-aging Vision composition:

Richelet anti-aging consists of:

  • selenium and vitamins A, C and E that protect the eye against the attack of free radicals induced by light, rays
  • of lutein, natural pigment that helps protect the retina and the lens of the oxidation
  • of bilberry extract that promotes the micro-circulation to the eye level to ensure the proper functioning of its constituents,
  • vitamin B1 , B2 and B6.


1 tablet per day with water.

our pharmacists recommend taking 3 months to renew periodically.

Richelet anti-aging Vision substitute not to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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