Richelet Selenium ACE essential 30 + 90 tablets

SKU: 7200334 Richelet Selenium - ACE 30 + 90 tablets

indications: body Protection against aggression by free radicals, essential cause of aging cell. essential micronutrient, Selenium participates in the fight against free radicals in the neutralizing and helps prevent cell ageing and degenerative processes at the level: skin (ageing and loss of elasticity of the skin), joint, brain, cardiovascular. the use of Selenium - ACE is particularly recommended when the following situations : overexposure to external pro-oxidants factors (polluting, tobacco UV radiation), overproduction by the Organization of free radicals (inflammatory phenomena, infectious episodes), exhaustion of the body protection systems: physiological aging, lack of dietary intake of antioxidants (fruits and vegetables).

Other antioxidant molecules may play a complementary role to a more effective struggle. The importance of the contribution of vitamins and anti-oxidant minerals through food has done elsewhere by numerous scientific studies. operating tips: 1 tablet per day to swallow with a glass of water. it is recommended a course of 3 months to renew periodically. . Treatment, anti-aging as soon as 40 years, it can curb the activity of free radicals on aging and sagging of the skin and tissue. . In cure of prevention, especially in the event of exposure to one or more of the following factors: Sun, stress, tobacco. Composition: Preparation from dietary yeast grown on medium rich in Selenium, vitamin A,-vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)-vitamin E (alpha tocopherol).