Richelet Selenium ACE 50 + Optimum 90 tablets

SKU: 4629433 Richelet Selenium ACE 50 + Optimum 90 tablets

indications: Selenium ACE Progess 50 helps combat the effects of aging.

Selenium ACE Progress 50 plays an active role in the fight against the effects of aging with its innovative composition.

It helps to protect the body against the attack of free radicals, cause of cellular aging.

Is a dietary supplement intended for people who are aware of the effects of the weather on their organization and want to react with powerful antioxidants.

Original association of complementary antioxidant substances:

Organic selenium and vitamins C and e. a patented complex, OLEAGE, combining the best of three fruits: tomato (lycopene), the grape and the olive (polyphenols). broccoli, a natural antioxidant: sulforaphane.

operating tips: 1 tablet daily with a large glass of water.

Cure from 3 months to renew periodically.