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Rhinotherm Spray 100ml nasal Luchon water Hygiene

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SKU 4450384 Rhinotherm Spray 100 ml nasal Luchon water Hygiene

PRESENTATION bottle 100 ml spray

use in the infant or the toddler: blow the child previously. Take care child on the back to sleep before administering RhinoTherm. Incline rla head of the child on the side and place the spray nozzle in the upper nostril. Spray RhinoTherm. Repeat the operation on the other side, and then wipe the nose of your child after a few moments. Adult: tilt the head to the side and insert the tip into the upper nostril. Perform spray in the nose effectively pressing the spray tip. Repeat for the other nostril, taking care to tilt the head to the other side. Maintain 2 to 3 seconds spray in each nostril. Repeat 1-3 times per day depending on the nasal obstruction. For hygiene, it is recommended to clean the nozzle after each use to RhinoTherm.

composition: Luchon water, chloride sodium sterile solution, without the addition of a conservative. kicker inert gas: nitrogen, without contact with the product.

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