Rhinicur shower nasal

SKU: 7850492 Rhinicur shower nasal

for rinsing the nose, sweetness and depth.

the nasal rinse is a simple and natural way to treat the nose. You can practise it with ease with the Nasal Shower Rhinicur and the Salt from Nasal Rinse Rhinicur

Use the Rhinicur saline when the nasal rinse allows simultaneously supply of minerals, which stimulates cellular and immune functions.

These rinses smoothly and in depth allow to eliminate pathogens and allergens and foreign particles, both in the case of cooling to allergic crisis.

This is the result that counts:

the rinses of nasal saline solutions must be isotonic, i.e. have a mineral composition adapted to that of the blood. This, to dissolve a specific amount of salt in a pre-measured volume of water. With the salt of rinse Nasal Rhinicur , this dosage is very simple: the contents of one sachet of salt exactly matches the volume of the Rhinicur (250 ml) nasal douche. compared to salt or sea salt, which are indicated for a simple cleaning, the salt from Nasal rinse Rhinicur contains more : of the bicarbonate of sodium for a better dissolution of viscous and tenacious secretions as well as neutralization of inflammation metabolic of potassium sulfate promoting the debottlenecking of the nasal mucosa and improving blood circulation natural source salt with its minerals and olioelements to remineralize and revitalize the nasal mucosa