Respimer nasal irrigation Kit

SKU: 5373303 Respimer nasal irrigation Kit

nasal irrigation Kit content:

240 ml 1 vial

2 tips + 1 tube

1 pass to screw onto the bottle

6 sachets pre-dosed, ready to use

Properties nasal irrigation Kit:

this Respimer irrigation kit is a new nasal wash implemented system to sanitize the continuous and abundant rhino-sinus cavities to decongest and soothe the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Acting effectively on the totality of symptoms of the sinuses and the nose, it lets you relieve especially when stuffy nose, secretions, crusting, nasal, dryness sinus pressure...

Its formula is specially above-mentioned for 2 modes of irrigation depending on your symptoms, including through its physiological nature.

1 bag of nasal irrigation kit respimer in 240ml of water helps and thins the secretions, enables the proper functioning of the defence of the nasal system.

Tips for using nasal irrigation Kit:

gentle Irrigation:

the product should be administered by gravity: the vial and CAP must be tilted down.

Intense irrigation:

The product must be administered manually, i.e. eat the bottle and CAP must be tilted upwards.

In the event of rhinitis, sinusitis, chronic rhinosinusites and post-operative care:

Mix 240 ml of water to 1 bag, do not exceed 3 uses per day.

In the case of high point ansale congestion:

Mix 240 ml water 2 sachets. 1 single use per day enough.