Rescue Pastilles taste black currant 50g


SKU: 4244443 rescue Pastilles taste black currant 50 g


After the spray, bottle drop and cream, Rescue Pastilles is the new small good mood box that restores domestic well-being. New form of famous Rescue Remedy discovered by Dr. Bach in the 1930s. Rescue Pastilles will now find its place in the bags in hand, satchels, offices, glove boxes.

Consisting of 5 species flowers of Bach Original (see box). Rescue pellets bring the virtues naturally soothing and relaxing floral essences. Pleasantly flavored with orange, these tablets are sugar-free and alcohol-free. Thanks to this new formulation, most many will be people who will benefit from the positive effects of the famous Rescue Remedy!

This new scent cassis is a real pleasure in the mouth!

operating tips:

Chew or suck a lozenge Rescue as often as necessary.