Repuls' Anti-chiggers and ticks 50ml Lotion

lotion repulsive anti-chiggers and ticks to relieve and soothe itching.
Manufacturer: Abatout


SKU 4496162 Repuls' Anti-chiggers and ticks 50ml Lotion

The chiggers are mites form both insects. They live in the grass, gardens, meadows, the Woods... What are red ectoparasites, invisible to the naked eye, digging a tunnel under the skin, causing in humans itchy and very unpleasant injuries.


Repuls'Lotion Anti-chiggers and ticks is a lotion that has a very strong repulsive action, supplemented by a disinfectant action associated with an antiphlogistic powerful to quickly soothe itching and pain.

Thus, this repulsive lotion repels the chiggers and ticks and prevents them from poking.

You be protected and your pain addressed.

Repusl operating tips ' Lotion Anti-chiggers and ticks:

Shake the lotion before any application.

Before you go walking on grassy areas, spray the lotion on the clothing and body especially the legs.


This lotion does not stain clothes.

Product made in France.

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