Repellent for mosquito repellent Bracelet white and green

SKU: 9929341 repellent for mosquito repellent Bracelet white and green

Properties: repellent for Bracelet contains a repellent 100% natural that effectively removes mosquitoes and other biting insects to protection for approximately 1 month. protect yourself during your activity outdoors, at home, at work or when traveling in tropical areas. The efficacy and safety of this repellent have been tested by an independent European laboratory. Adjustable, it is suitable for adults, pregnant women and to children over 30 months. operating tips: put a bracelet on the wrist and the opposite ankle an hour before exposing themselves. Cut off the excess if necessary. Do not tighten strap. Can cling to a stroller, a parasol or headboard... Withdraw it when bathing. After use, replace the bracelet in its original bag.