Repellent for insect repellent wipes 40 wipes

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Manufacturer: Mousticare
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SKU 2582762 repellent for insect repellent wipes 40 wipes

Repellent for wipes are impregnated with repellent derived naturally from the leaves of the Eucalyptus Citriodora (p-Menthane-3, 8-diol or PMDRBO).

this repellent innovative away efficiently (including Tiger mosquitoes) mosquitoes and other biting insects for a duration of about 4 hours.
efficacy and tolerance tested.

wipes repellent for protect you from biting insects during summer (camping (, barbecue, evening outdoor...) during your outdoor activities (picnic, gardening, walks, fishing, hunting, sports...), during your travels in temperate or tropical.

for adults, pregnant women, children and infants from 6 months.

operating tips :
pass wipe directly on exposed areas of the skin. Face, arms, legs, ankles. Slightly rub to penetrate the product.
Action immediately.
Repeat if necessary.
unrestricted Use at the time.

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