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Repellent for Habitat 500ml Spray

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SKU 4788172 repellent for Habitat 500 ml Spray


Repellent for Spray Habitat is a repellent ready to use natural.

It acts on most of flying and crawling insects (mosquitoes, flies, wasps, chiggers, ants, spiders, ticks, cockroaches...)

Repellent for Spray Habitat is a household product, manufactured in bases of Geraniol, registered molecule on the positive list of biocides.

Thanks to its high concentration (5% of active substances), he pushes and eliminates flying and crawling insects, and retains a repulsive action about two months depending on the conditions.

operating tips:

Shake before use. Approximately 25 cm, spray the product at locations or insects pass or remain: under furniture, baseboards and pipes, on the frames of windows and doors, blinds, sheers, curtains, awnings, baskets and cushions of domestic animals...

In order to maintain the repulsive, action renew the application after each washing, rain or watering

The product has an immediate effect, and its action is preventive and curative operating time is approximately two months under the conditions.

Spray 500 ml, weight: 580 gr

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