Repellent for concentrate Anti-Larves & mosquitoes 100ml

Repellent for offers a repellent concentrate and anti-larves.

Manufacturer: Mousticare

SKU: 9831777 repellent for Anti-Larves & mosquito concentrate


concentrated Anti-Larves & mosquito repellent for is a concentrate dilute with water specially designed for mosquito control. It eliminates adult mosquitoes, the larvae of mosquitoes and flies by suffocation. This concentrate is effective in wet areas but also on plant brackets. this repellent preparation has an insecticidal action immediately and on all types of mosquitoes. In 24 hours, eliminated larvae. It is the natural alternative to chemical insecticides.

Tips for using repellent for concentrate Anti larvae & mosquito:

in a sprayer, dilute the whole bottle in 5 litres of water. To preventive action processing must be done in preseason or at the onset of first mosquitoes. In order to eradicate the Gtes de pontes and Larval breeding areas, spray preparation on stagnant water and vegetation surrounding.