Remex cold sore patch box of 10

Rapid healing of the cold sore: hyaluronic acid
Manufacturer: Genevrier
  • 2 or more : £5.10
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SKU 6281098 Remex patch cold sore


rich Remex patch hyaluronic acid contributes to a rapid healing of cold sores or sore.
is the combination of a patch and hyaluronic acid which promotes an environment conducive to healing. Hyaluronic acid is known for its clinical effectiveness on the wounds.

this patch soothes the itching and burning sensations, it limits the contamination and hides the button.

operating tips:

-wash hands thoroughly prior to application and ensure that the fever blister area is clean, dry and free of cream to ensure the adhesion of the patch

- remove the patch from its packaging. Hold each hand 2 applicators surrounding the patch. Gently remove one of applicators by pulling on it.

- apply the half adhesive patch on the fever blister carefully. Gently press the patch with the finger to properly position it on the button.

- remove the 2nd applicator by pulling on it gently until the 2 e half of the patch comes off. Press the patch again to ensure that it adheres well to the button.

continue processing until complete healing by renewing the application as soon as the previous patch is detached. patch disposable, do not reuse it to avoid any risk of contamination.

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