Regenerate Serum 2 x 16ml

Regenerate Srum helps the regeneration of tooth enamel and its protection.

Manufacturer: Rembrandt

SKU: 6117039 regenerate Serum


The enamel of our teeth is sensitive and fragile, it is necessary to take care with appropriate care. It must first follow a few rules of prevention such as avoid sodas and brushing the in 2 times a minimum play. Indeed the primary responsibility for the destruction of enamel and sugar.It was after the meal that occur most frequently attacks acids, frigilisant so our teeth.

Serum regenerate helps repair of tooth enamel. It maximizes the ability to regenerate enamel, even in the most difficult interdental spaces of access.

Thanks to NR - 5 technology and the fluorine content in its formula, the Serum helps provide protection of your teeth against the effects of the erosion of the enamel and acid attacks. Email is thus stronger sustainably.

This serum helps to regenerate the email by restoring its content of minerals with regular use. Acts on erosion at an early stage and invisible.

Indications Regenerate Serum:

each kit contains serum NR - 5 , an Activator Gel, two adjustable gutters and a stick.

When it is associated with the Activator Gel, serum NR - 5 releases concentrated assets that reinforce the regeneration of enamel, helping to reverse the process of erosion.

Use Serum regenerate Enamel Science every month for 3 consecutive days, preferably the night before sunset.

operating tips:

Apply a thin layer of gel into the provided tray, 3 minutes on each dental arch and it 3 days per month.