RapidWhite care daily toothpaste whitening 100ml

Efficiently removes stains, prevents their recurrence and Tartar control Learn more
Manufacturer: RapidWhite


SKU 7369180 RapidWhite care daily toothpaste whitening 100ml

use this whitening toothpaste to whiten teeth or maintenance due to the use of a whitening program Rapid White.
it has a fast acting and long lasting effect, it effectively removes stains caused by the red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco and aging.

-a unique composition of PVP, phosphate effective for whitening teeth, prevent the formation of tartar and the appearance of plaque ,
-high levels of whitening silicas for maximum whitening effect and gentle cleaning to preserve the tooth enamel,
-Fluoride to help strengthen and remineralize the enamel of the teeth to protect them against a premature degradation
-scent intense mint for freshness long duration.

operating tips:
reserved for the adult.
brush your teeth carefully for at least 2 minutes preferably after each meal or at least twice a day.

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