Ranjit Cavailles respondent toilet care Special drought 500ml

Helps fight drought intimate
Manufacturer: Rogé Cavaillès


SKU 4269130 Ranjit Cavailles respondent toilet care Special drought 500ml

Care of toilet respondent Special drought

many factors may be at the origin of intimate drought problems: taken pills that micro, anti acne oral therapy, after a pregnancy, menopause...

care Special drought is specially formulated for the daily hygiene of the dry mucous membranes.

Its moisturizing agents, sodium PCA and Glycerin encapsulated length long action, provide hydration optimal.

agents cold cream, extract natural olive and derivatives of glycerides, leave a protective film that prevents drying.

its extra soft cleansing SOAP-free base and its physiological pH respect the sensitivity of your mucous membranes for a daily toilet security
care Special drought thus reduces the sensations of tugging and brings you hydration strengthened.

Externally - pH value - without SOAP - paraben - hypoallergenic - tolerance tested under gynaecological control.

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